Carob Tree Seeds, packet of 15

AKA Locust Bean Tree, the Carob is widely cultivated for its edible pods. The ripe dried pods are ground to powder and used to replace cocoa powder. Carobs are mostly dioecious, either male or female with the females setting the pods. Many people grow them as an ornamental, bonsai them or as a specimen tree. They are reasonably frost hardy and tolerate a wide range of soils types.
These seeds come from a Carob Tree that is atleast 40 years.

Growing Tip: Carob has a hard seed coat and this should be nicked or filed to allow moisture entry.
Enjoys bright light and warmth. Sow in well drained, lightly moist soil.


Matures 730 days (2 years) from Transplant.

Quantity available: 10