Bee flowers - Flowers for bees. 100+ seeds, wrapped by type for b

A mix of seeds I know bees love since am an avid beekeeper and committed to planting out for bees in order to maintain a diverse and abundant environment for them.

This listing is purely because I couldn't really find this option in smaller quantities to trial and put in my relatively small garden successfully.Individually wrapped by type so you know what you're planting. :)

Eco sourced in 2020 these plants are selected for their attraction to pollinators and also ability to be used for rongoa or just downright tasty herbs in salads, pickles and meals in general.

Borage - x 20 seeds. This will pop up everywhere when planted out. Beautiful blue flowers. Great for attracting beneficial insects and encouraging pollinators.

Bee Bergamot - x 20 seeds. Beautiful flowers that just keeping going.

Sweet fennel x 20 seeds. A fantastic late pollen source for the bees!

Manuka x 100+ seeds. Giving pollen and nectar often multiple times a year, alongside generating UMF factor honey.

Quantity available: 10