November seeds pack - Lettuce, basil, cucumber, capsicum & more

November is time to get things cranking in the garden. This value seed pack is perfect for growing in pots.

All individually wrapped with instructions to get growing:

Basil- Sweet Genovese- beautiful big-leafed basil perfect for pesto, drying or eating fresh. Harvest 60 days

Cucumber (Muncher) - delicious medium size Lebanese style cucumber - can be eaten young. Harvest 75 days

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl & Mizuna - make your salads a little more special with these easy to grow salad leaves. Harvest 35 days

Capsicum - Good soil with blood and bone, regularly feed and homegrown capsicum here you come! Harvest 100 days

Radish - Fast growing salad additions - pick them young for the sweetest of the crop.Harvest 30-40 days

Luffa - Yep this is a weird special edition - grow your own bath scrubber?

Quantity available: 3