Monstera Adansonii (Swiss Cheese Plant)

Native from the rainforest of Central America, M. Adansonii prefers it warm and humid. It will most likely grow without much difficulties in your house as long as you keep the humidity ideal, which can be done by having it in your kitchen or bathroom or misting it on a regular basis.

Although they love their humidity remember that in their natural habitat they climb up trees so won't like it if they are standing in water!

In nature, it is a climber but many owners use it as a trailing/cascading plant so it's really up to you. The higher they climb the bigger the leaves will be, if you let them trail down the leaves will most likely be smaller.

Fenestrations will develop as the plant matures, give it light to increase holes as well.

Sold in a HANGING 17cm pot

Care & Info
Light: Bright light, avoid direct sunlight

Water: High humidity. Keep soil moist in spring and summer and reduce watering in the winter

Temperature: Prefers warm and humid conditions

Soil: well-drained potting mix

Fertilizer: Feed regularly during the growing season